A lot to like for families on the Carnival Sunrise

The newly redone Carnival Sunrise has a lot of really nice offerings. The new steakhouse, for example, or the RedFrog Pub, or the relatively sleek, modern design overall, or the expanded spa with its gorgeous fitness room over the bridge. But all of this didn’t necessarily impress one of its passengers.

“Mom? Mom? Mom? When can we go to the kids’ club?”

Here’s what my almost-9-year-old liked about the Sunrise: The Camp Ocean kids programming; the ropes course; the waterslides; the Seuss breakfast; the foosball table in the corner of the RedFrog Pub, where she reigned.

Here’s what my 2-year-old liked about the Sunrise: The glass-enclosed elevators in the Atrium lobby; dancing with the waiters in the Radiance Restaurant; and saying “looka the water!” whenever she saw the ocean.

Here’s what they both liked: Pizzeria del Capitano and running down the Deck 6 corridor until my husband whisper-shouted “NO RUNNING!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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